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Old 16-08-2010, 08:29 AM
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Default Practises of Travel Agents

This cannot lead to libel as we have the evidence in writing.

We booked a honeymoon cruise through Readers Offers Limited. At all times ROL was aware this was our honeymoon and little extras were promised.

We paid for this cruise, nearly nine months in advance. it was not an el cheapo, last minute booking. We booked a Superior Stateroom with a 14 foot balcony with a promised Honeymoon Package.

The fun started when ROL wanted to know who we had a pur travel insurance with an an emergency number. This was the first time we had every heard of this practise. None of friends who cruised regulaly had never been asked this by their travel agents or the cruise lines. We asked why did ROL need this information and they replied' Royal caribbean will not release your ticlets until you give us these details'. Wwe gave the details over the pohone. i was fuming and let ROL know this during the phone call.

We went off on our cruise in June this year. No balcony of 14 feet. it was 14 square feet. the balcony was about 6 feet long so the dreamed of sunning ourselves while at sea went over board, we sat pn directors instead of sun loungers. This was limited because of the smokers either side of us, using their balconies to have a drag on a fag.

The promised Honeymoon Package never eventuated. I did enquire at Guest Services while on board., ROL had failed to book this. The other half paid for this when he booked and paid for the cruise.

We have had a reply back from Royal Caribbean adressing every complaint. There were a few, suffice to say we will not cruise with Royal Caribbean again; in fact they gave detailed replies and the telling bit was, ROL are at fault all the way. As for the travel inusrance ROL had our tickets and Royal Caribbean never insist on knowing travel insurance details at all. They suggested we take this further with ROL.

We are waiting for ROL to come back to us with their written responses to our complaints about their service.

I suppose, being charitable, if we had not had travel insurance, they would have kindly offered to sell us the insurance they recommend.

We will not be using ROL agan for any cruise bookings.

Sad really, because take away the unpleasant bits of the cruise, we did have a good time.

Oh did you know the waiting staff and stateroom attendants on Royal Caribbean do get a wage. You the passenger pay this if you opt for a pre-paid gratuity system. We did not opt for this system. we paid cash to our stateroom attendent and waiting staff. The drinks tou buy on board are already loaded with a 15% gratuity for the drink waiters. You pay this whether you want to or not. No wonder they encouraged us to drink up. it wasm't good service, because they liked you, they wanted your money to pay their wages.

Now let's hear of you travel agents practises....
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Old 20-08-2010, 11:08 PM
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An update.. a bouquet of flowers arrived yesterday together with a letter from Readers Offers, yes we were right and they are very sorry. their letter states that complaints like ours are rare.

They say the travel insurance is for the peace of mind of their customers, but didn not go any further regarding the with-holding of the tickets untile we gave then our insurance details. They have a copy of the letter from Royal Caribbean stating the tickets are never with-held the travel insurance. i would love to see this taken further. Oh the best bit in the lette, we would like to be able to help us again the paraphase Neil Arnstrong when he walked on the Moon, 'good luck Mr Gorsky'. Only in our case it is when man next walks on the Moon.
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