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Scary Story
23 years ago I had a benefit book ****** when my handbag was taken.
One slip was cashed and at my nominated post office, I applied to the DHSS and reported the loss to the police.

DHSS called me in , i never thought much of it just thought it would be to make a statement like i did at the police station.

My boyfriend drove me down and I had my lad with me of 3 years.

I was asked to enter a room, of course you do it thinking nothing untoward, boyfriend was asked to wait outside and he did.

Door slams behind me and 3 locks get locked, me and my lson not let out for 1/2 hour, and talk about lamp in the face interrogation 2 men both up to my face questions and shouting, why did i cash My own book and report it ******, who did i get to do it for me.

it was so bad my boyfriend was banging the door. and my son was crying, at times I was stood at the door calling to my boyfriend that it was OK, but it wasn't it was terrifying, they wouldn't allow me to let my Boyfriend have my son away from the atmosphere either.

I was very nervous and wary of people for a long time after and my son was very shock up, and ....benefits were never replaced.
I will not be on the internet after the end of January 2009, so will not be around as much as usuall.
Anyone who wants to email me still go ahead but i won't be checking daily, more like weekly up the library.

" the cages we live in are often of our own making"

time for a life style change

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