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Hya all,
Me and t'other arf have been foster carers for 12 yrs now. We only looked after new born babies ( yep! sleepless nights for the last 12 yrs). However, we took a little boy who was 6 mnths old as social serv. were pleading with us as they could not place him anywhere else.
We refused 8 TIMES as he was too old for us. Eventually we gave in and took him 'only until you find somewhere else for him' were our famous last words.
Four and a half years later, the adoption finally came through!!!!!
Yes, we totally fell in love with him and just could not bear to see him leave us.
So, now he is five, doing really well in school, but our problem is how to get round to telling him.
We have had a little girl for 18 mnths now and she is going to her own adoptive parents in 3 weeks. We are going to have a rest from fostering for a while to spend a lot more time with our little boy. ( We also have a 17yr old daughter of our own, going through the 'Whatever' stage)
The problem we have is how to tell our little boy he is adopted and we are not his natural parents. The thought of doing this upsets me a lot as, I don't want him to think we love him any less.
Any suggestions please? all help would be gratefully received.

Love DoS
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