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This is scary stuff.

Nothing to do with over here, but my daughter is between a rock and hard place with the Taxation and the equivalent of DWP back home., Neither department will talk to the other and she is being accused of ripping the system off with her child benefits claim whilst working full time. bear in mind her children are no longer dependent (all adults) and now they investigate her. tis has been going for three years and still no resolution.
It happened because her youngest has different surname to the others and he applied for his passport in surname instead of the name he was known by all the years, she thought it would be wiser for him to be known by the same surname. So her claims with Social services had all the kids with the same surname, but taxation has the other surname listed. She was interviewed under caution by Taxation and they still haven't spoken to Social Services about this, so Social Services decided to have a go at her. i told her let them take you to Court and you show the documentation to the Judge. She has paid tax all the time on all the mney she has received and earned. I also advised her to get her Federal MP involved in this. We did joke that holiday in the pokey might be just thing she needs. White collar crime gets open prison.
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