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Default Paretologic

Yesterday was a frustrating day for me. This supposedly new virus doing the rounds (has been around since November), so I decided to run a scan and of course I have a lot of stuff left over Kent and this is was one of the programmes. I decided toi do a scan using it, so duly downloaded an updated version for a so called free scan. I turned Trend Off to make sure there was no coflict (funny that how similar it sounds to the virus).
Once installed, my computer ground to halt, nothing and I mean nothing worked on it. It took me nearly five hours eradicate all traces of this programme from the computer, it even managed to get rid of some of my precious desktop files (for my graphics work). Last night I ran a clean wipe and bleach of my computer, this takes about nine hours. this morning I turned my computer on and what do I see a shortcut to the Paretologic..arrgghhhh. I finally got rid of it about 10am. Ran another complete scan of my computer and did a registry scan, It's gone at last.
Do not use this programme unless you want an frustrating time of it.

My computer is clean of this new so called virus, never had it in the first place.

Now on with painting the untiled area in my bathroom Silver Blue.

New flooring going down in there tomorrow. not a big job the bathroom is only 5'5" by about 6' but the entry is on a angle...anyone good at hanging bifold doors?
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