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Dragonlady 24-06-2012 10:03 AM

What is the impact?

With the present problem RBS/Natwest/Ulster banks are experiencing, what are going to be the knock on effects?

You can't meet a DD, the company hit your with late payment charges and added interest (RBS says contact them if this happens) BUT what about the repair to your credit rating?:mad: I know from bitter experience this does not happen automatically, actually you have to start legal action to get information removed from your credit file, when things happen beyond your control and even then the Credit reference Agencies aren't all that helpful..

I went to pay something on line this morning and cannot make the payment, thank goodness it is nothing that will impact on my credit rating (what credit rating?), but enough to be a tad inconvenient for me.

Yes I had to troop into town to get some cash over the counter so I can live this week, other people were in the bank, that don't have a branch in their town anymore and had to travel about 30 miles to get cash to live. the lady concerned had to bring her 6 kids in by bus to get to the nearest open branch. The other fly in the ointment, those of us with basic accounts cannot withdraw cash at any ATM, it has to be a designated RBS ATM and these are not everywhere, so guess at the moment we are in double jepardy because of banking problems and recent decisions. The Link network used to be so useful.

Just wondering about knock effects and have RBS got systems in lace to repair any of the damage which might be caused to people's reputations?:eek: I hope they have and will address these issues if they happen.

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