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Old 20-01-2008, 12:38 PM
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Default PR Vs Orange - How wrong can it be!

I originally noticed the below when I checked my Equifax account via

I queried with Equifax and stated:

1) I was not born in 1979
2) I have never held a mobile phone account for 4 years with the same company (The longest ive held a mobile phone account with the same provider is with 3 and that was for three years - without a single late payment.)

Equifax then contacted Orange and they amended the settled date to 03.05.02.

However after checking the file with Equifax direct its now showing:

1) - They have done nothing in relation to by date of birth that is showing incorrect
2) How can an account opened in 2001 have late payments in 1998 and 1999??

I then went on to check this account with Experian who show the following:

Experian have my date of birth wrong, however show no late payment markers. I have been advised by Experian in the past that the section

"Summary of Payment History: In last 36 months, number of status etc" - Relates to the 36 months prior to the settled date.
In this case, the account wasnt even opened for 36 months.

I have since queried the information with Equifax, and despite it clearly being incorrect, Im guessing i'll get the bog standard reply advisng they will contact orange.
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Old 20-01-2008, 01:37 PM
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But you haven't ever had a contract with Orange have you? so why the changes?

Is it now a case of mold your own credit file?? it should be deleted!

So what will happen now is they will change all the details to match your circumstances and you Will have a harder time proving its wrong these CRA have to be in court soon they take the xxxx more and more each week.

I'm thinking not to advice them of incorrect information now on entry's that obviously are not yours, then eventually go to court.

IF you just advise its not yours surely thats all they needed to know too challenge it for proof at the other end. How can they adjust it when you say its not yours anyway AAAgghh I have a such a loathing for CRA's

Can't wait to see one in court.
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Old 20-01-2008, 02:35 PM
powerful_rogue powerful_rogue is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 128
powerful_rogue is on a distinguished road

Hi HP.

Thanks for your reply.

Ive had three accounts with Orange in the past. This was my first account. I then had one a year after this closed back in 2003, and now im finally back with Orange. (Which leads onto another subject of can the two previous accounts with orange be relevant, surly the most recent account with them is the relevant one! But thats another story!)

It seems the first pic I posted was correct, apart from the date of birth and the settlement date. They correct the settlement date (which was 3 years out!) but ignored the question in realtion to my date of birth.

However by correcting the settlement date, they have then messed up the payment history by showing late payments before the account was even open! Surly they check the report after the have corrected it to make sure its correct - I would have thought a moneky would have noticed an obivious mistake like this!
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