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Old 18-05-2007, 06:22 PM
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Default Forum Rules

1. To avoid questions which have been dealt with on several occasions, we ask all new users of this site to read the FAQ's and Forum Rules before making any posts.

2. When posting, please start a thread of your own in the appropriate forum for your bank or credit providor. This will help us to help you, by keeping everything in one place.

3. Please keep all details of your claim in ONE thread. Do not start new threads for each query or question you have.

4. Please do not hijack somebody else's thread. This will result in your posts in that thread being moved, unless they are relevant to that thread.

5. Do not email or private message admin until your question has been posted and no response received after several days - unless the matter is sensitive or confidential.

6. If you do need to email or private message admin you MUST include a link to your thread by copying and pasting the thread URL from the address bar in your web browser.

7. You MUST keep your email address up to date in your user profile. We cannot be responsible for lost email if you fail to notify us of changes to your address.

8. Please remember that this is a self-help site. Whilst we can offer advice and opinions we cannot undertake to do any research or work on specific cases.

9. ALL of the Moderators, Assistant Moderators, and Admin personnel on this site are volunteers. Please remember that they devote a lot of their spare time to helping with your claims. You are expected to treat them with the same level of respect that you would wish for in return. Open abuse of them will not be tolerated.

10. NO flame wars. Abuse of other users will result in posts being moderated and possible exclusion from the site.

11. You must not make any comments which could be considered libelous.

12. Attacks directed at other, similar websites will not be tolerated.

13. All complaints concerning Moderators, Assistant Moderators or Admin personnel MUST be sent in the first instance to Admin using the email address

14. The advice and opinions of the Consumer Credit Support Group and its' members are offered informally and without prejudice or liability. Please use your own judgement and seek the advice of a qualified, insured professional if you have any doubts.

15. If you represent a Bank, Credit provider, Mortage provider, Debt Collection Agency or Law firm involved in debt collection, you MUST notify admin, You can do this by private message to any admin or moderator.

16. Avatars must not be be subject to copyright by any third party, In the event that the images are subject to copyright you must have permission from the copyright holder before using it on this site. Consumer Credit Support cannot accept any liability if you use copyright material. We reserve the right to remove any avatar or image posted if we believe it may be subject to a third party copyright.

17. Consumer Credit Support, its administration and moderators do not condone the act of borrowing money with the intention of not repaying it. If you are aware that a credit agreement is enforceable, please do not ask us how to avoid repaying it.
Advice & opinions of Tamadus and the Consumer Credit Support Group are offered from personal experience only. They are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Use your own judgment. It is suggested you seek advice from a qualified, insured professional at all times

Please consider making a donation to this site (we suggest 5%) from any charges we help you reclaim. email addresses are now available at a cost of 5 per year. Please PM me for details

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