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Old 03-06-2009, 05:02 PM
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Default Landlords wanting nice tenants please read

Mum and i are looking to rent somewhere and thought maybe this might be a way to get ahead.

Problem being (as many will know from my threads) my credit file is screwed up and Estate Agents don't want to know but in the past we have found a place by advertising for an Honest Landlord looking for Honest Tenants so trying that method again.

Landlord would have to accept housing benefit (on income support/Carers Allowance looking after frail old mum long term) but we could get a pre-tenancy determination to see what the DSS would pay as to not waste each others time.


500-600 a month

2 bed house or bungalow, rural country location, quiet surroundings as we are quiet people, off road parking and must have a private (non-comunual) garden as i like to grow my own veggies. Doesn't have to be big but no Court yard type please. Lucky prospective landlord will get free pepper and chilli plants for term of tenancy.

Personal, current estate agent and current Landlord I'm sure would give us a good reference. We have been here for 5 years now.
Currently renting on a monthly basis *due 28th* so would be able to give a month notice but would prefer signing a tenancy agreement before the moving out day rather than waiting to sign up after we have burnt our bridges so to speak.

Can decorate a bit if needed (I was a joiner for a while and have renovated 2 properties in the past).


West of Newbury.. east of bath area. Quite flexible but have added a map of the general area.

I have been researching the family tree and they came from Bucklebury, Berks so to be within driving distance of that (compared to Devon) would be really useful. Also have family and cousins further inland.

Would be a long term let (unless property prices fall to 10k for a detached house!)

Thanks for looking.
Mr D

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