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Lightbulb Robin Hood Energy

This is not a complaint or problem.

I have been looking for cheaper energy and yes did the comparison websites and other things.. I spoke to another Forum member who switched suppliers. i thought it was a wind up.

I did the comparison spoke to the advisor at Robin Hood and found I can save over 400.00 a year by switching. Not quite the cost of pair of Jimmy Choos but hey this ole dragon still loves her pretties and can compromise.

I have worked out my first month's repayments. I have budgeted what would be the cost, so if my figures are correct, I have over budgeted by 50.00.. you can see where this heading

I will post my estimates here This also includes standing charges and VAT

Gas 21.05

Electricity 50.77

When we renovated this house I decided I wanted an all electric kitchen rather than using gas for cooking.
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