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Originally Posted by TUTTSI View Post
Unfortunately the MOJ are not withdrawing them fast enough and a hell of a lot of peeps will have paid them many hundreds of thousands of pounds and bet not many of them from what we can see will ever get a return.

Most of them are sold on the unenforceable agreements - like the Rankines case and they are painted a pretty picture that they will recover thousands, they are then duped into parting with lots of money one lady paid and extra 500 for a special fast track.

Cento Client Review - their licence is up for renewal at end of March and there is no guarantee that the MOJ will renew their licence. So then what happens to all these people who have paid all this money?


Yes i have had a lot of contact with people who have been effected by this.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to tell the wheat from the chaff, i have had some so called reputable solicitos brought to account for taking upfront fees on inflated claims of ridding people of their debtrs. sometimes these people are very insidious and make out like they are trying to help. When you are in trouble you are vulnerable and they take advantage.
Unfortunately it is not easy to get your money back, being solicitors they usually have everything tied up in the small print.Sometimes the thereat to report them to the Law society and the resultant posssible effect on their liscence will do the trick(details on their website).

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