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Originally Posted by BOUDICCA View Post
I believe that there are some reputable CMC's also some very good solicitors who will act on a CFA basis, trouble is;
how are people to sort out the chaff from the wheat?

About time that, the MOJ provide clear information for consumers!
Thanks both DL and Boudicca, It is about time that the MOJ are made to be fully responsible for ensuring that the CMC's are regulated. Right now arround80% of them are running a mock and no one is able to do anything about it or have the mandate to do so and again the consumers are caught by their own greed and the greed of the CMC, but this does not make it correct.

The MOJ do have some guidelines, but they are broken everyday sadly. The CMC's are not allowed to cold call but they do and get away with it. The CMC's are not supposed to charge up front fees but they do and get away with it, despite complaints the MOJ do absolutely nothing.

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