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Default Advice Needed RE: Red Light Ticket

Hi Folks,

Wasn't sure were to post this, but I would really appreciate some advice as this situation is completely new to me.

In summary, I received a notice of intended prosecution for 'failure to comply with a red light'. I remember the night in question well. At a crossroads, I was taking a right turn, which was green lit. The onward road was red. As I made the turn (with two other drivers directly in front of me) the light flashed.

Paranoid but not able to figure out why the light had gone off, I went around the block and returned to the road. The situation was the same - green for right but red straight ahead. I took the right turn again (I was the only person at the crossroad this time) and the light didn't go off. I did acknowledge a speed cam on the other side of the road and deduced that someone else must have been speeding, setting off the camera and hence the flash.

Until this morning, when I received the notice. It accuses me of running a red light that had been red for 46.2 seconds. Except I went right with two other drivers. It would be pretty weird for three drivers to run a light that had been red for 46.2 seconds!

I''ve composed a letter and am returning the form to dispute the offence. I presume this will end up in court, but as i've been driving for nearly five years, frequently with no speed or red light tickets I have no experience in this field and no idea what to expect. Furthermore, can I demand the evidence for this?

I called the number on the letter and a shirty operator told me the camera is never wrong, which is rthe most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. As someone who's been fighting a computer all morning, I can attest that technology goes wrong frequently. More to the point, if there was no margin of error, this wouldn't be an 'alleged' offense, would it?

Please help folks!
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