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Notice of Correction
A Notice of Correction is a piece of text, written by you, that you can request to have added to your Credit File. You may wish to do this if there is an item of information on your Credit File, which is factually correct, but you believe it creates a misleading impression. Your Notice of Correction should give a clear and accurate explanation of why you consider a piece of data to be incorrect or misleading. Your Notice of Correction text must not be longer than 200 words. You can prepare this text yourself or with the help of, for example, a Citizens Advice Bureau, a Consumer Advice Centre, or a Solicitor. Please note that the Notice of Correction should not be, defamatory (affecting someone's good name or reputation), frivolous or scandalous, or for any other reason unsuitable for publication.I have just copied the above from Equifax’s web site

Question? the bits I have highlighted in red.

How is it that the CRA’s can publish incorrect information which in a lot of cases is untrue default information and defamatory not expect to be sued for a defamatory statement if what they have placed on a persons credit file, IS incorrect and untrue.

I say what is “Good for the Goose is good for the Gander”

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