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I may cause a few eyebrows to lift, but I am posting a copy of a CCA agreement that section 127 actually refers to, and what it actually means.
I believe it means that the executed agreement should contain ALL the original term and conditions in its whole entirety itself not in a separate document.

I post below what I consider a CCA that complys with all the regs and Act.
This I believe is one of the very few CCA agreements that is completely lawfull and cannot be fought very easy ...its a good one.

You will see that page 1 contains all the financial particulars ...properly formatted.
pages 2 & 3 contain all the terms and conditions.

Page 4 contains the signature boxes etc etc etc.,

This means that you sign the full agreement at the very end all the terms and conditions are embodied in the actual agreement. You can't say you never read them or anything as all the signatures are at the end of the agreement and not on the first page.

I think this agreement can be used to show that any agreement that is not in this format is most likely UNLAWFULL and does not fully conform to the CCA or Regs.

I know its a HP agreement but it is a CCA agreement, its the layout that matters.
I think this is what Francis Bennion was trying to say.

Comments anyone


Page 2 .....Terms and Conditions

Page 3 the rest of the terms and conditions

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