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Simian 09-06-2007 05:21 PM

Commonly-Used Abbreviations and Phrases
Banking Terms
A.Q. - Allocation Questionnaire
B.B.A. - British Bankers Association
B.A.G. - Bank Action Group (other name for CAG)
B.B.A./B.W.A. - British Bankers' Association
C.A.B. - Citizens Advice Bueraux Website
C.A.G. - Consumer Action Group forum
C.C. - Credit Card/Consumer Credit/Carbon Copy/Copy Circulated (email)
C.C.A. - Consumer Credit Act/Copy of Credit Agreement
C.C.C. - Car Credit Complaints forum
C.C.C.S. - Consumer Credit Counselling Service
C.C.S. – Consumer Credit Support forum
C.I.F.A.S- Fraud Prevention Service Website
C.P.R. - Civil Procedure Rules Website
C.R.A. - Credit Reference Agency
D.D. - Direct Debit
D.P.A. - Data Protection Act
D.S.A.R. - Data Subject Access Request (aka S.A.R.)
E.R.C. - Early Redemption Charge (Mortgages)
F.A.Q's - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's
F.O.S. - Financial Ombudsman Service Website
F.S.A. - Financial Services Authority Website
I.C.O. - Information Commissioners Office Website

L-B – Legal-Beagles forum
L.B.A. - Letter Before Action
M.C.O.L. - Moneyclaim Online
M.S.E. - Moneysaving Expert Website
N1 - Form for filing claim at County Court Blank Form Template for filling out
O.F.T. - Office of Fair Trading Website
P.A.G. - Penalty Action Group forum

P.C.F. – PenaltyCharges forum
P.C.N. - Penalty Charge Notice
P.P.I. - Payment Protection Insurance
Ref. - Reference, or Ref. No. - Reference Number
S.A.R. - Subject Access Request (aka D.S.A.R.)
S.C.C. - Small Claims Court
S.N.T.Y. - SayNoToYes forum
S.O. - Standing Order
U.C.T.A. - Unfair Contract Terms Act
U.T.C.C.R. - Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 1999 Regulations 2001 Amendments

Other terms used

AFAIK - As Far As I Know
ATEOTD – At The End Of The Day
BIL - Brother-In-Law
BRB – Be Right Back
BTW - By the way
BUMP - Bring Up My Posting - Used when a post or thread has slipped down the list and still needs an answer
CAG – Cannot Act Gracefully
CAUBOT - Complete And Utter Bunch Of Tossers
CRAFT - Can't Remember A F****** Thing
CUL8R M8 - See you later mate
DYK - Did/do you know ?
FFS – For Flip’s Sake
FIL - Father-In-Law
FO – Go forth and multiply
FU2 – Same to you, sunshine !!
FOMTL – Fell Outta My Tree Laughing
FWIW - For What It's Worth
HTH - Hope that helps
ILSHIC - I laughed so hard I cried
ILSHSDOOMN - I laughed so hard stuff dripped out of my nose
IMO/IMHO - In My Opinion/In My Humble Opinion
IYKWIM – If You Know What I Mean
LMAO/(LMFAO) - Laughing my (Flippin') a$$ off
LOL – Laughing Out Loud – or Lots Of Love
MIL - Mother-In-Law
OMG/(OMFG) - Oh My (Flippin') Gawd !!
PMSL/(PMFSL) – Peeing My (Flippin') Self Laughing
ROTFL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing
SIL - Sister-In-Law
SAE - Self-addressed, or stamped, addressed envelope
SOB - Cute little puppy !!!
Soz - Sorry
WAISAD - When all is said and done
WTF - What The Flip!
WTSHTF - When the stuff hits the fan
Wunch - Collective name for a group of bank executives: "A Wunch of Bankers."
XXX – Mmmmmmwwah !!!

A "Blue Peter" agreement - A supposedly true copy of a Consumer Credit Agreement, which is in fact made out of cornflake packets and bogroll tubes, and looks nothing like the original.

A "Frankensteiner" agreement - A Blue Peter agreement which is clearly a forgery, and a fraudulent attempt to pass it off as the real thing. "Behold the monster I have created."

And some more here:

And later on, here:

And here:

Simian 09-06-2007 05:23 PM

Please post here any (printable) additions you may like to have added.

The additions, if appropriate, will be made, and your post subsequently deleted.

Thank you.:)

happyhour 09-06-2007 05:30 PM


British *ankers Association - and I know most of them!

Simian 09-06-2007 05:49 PM

Thanks Happy - this prankster is gonna add it as bespoke !!

Tamadus 09-06-2007 08:38 PM

he did say printable lmao

Simian 09-06-2007 09:02 PM

Yeah, I bottled out. Added a few others including the term "Wunch" though.

Whistleblower 10-06-2007 07:30 PM


S.N.T.Y. - SayNoToYes forum
What happen to the link? :eek:

Tamadus 10-06-2007 07:37 PM

Oooops I forgot ot add it :(

It's now in the helpful links section Whistleblower :)

Simian 10-06-2007 08:08 PM

Mea culpa, Whistleblower. I should have added the link to the abbrevo's list.

My apologies - will do it forthwith !!

Whistleblower 10-06-2007 08:20 PM

Car Credit Complaints
Thanks! I am due to launch brand new Car Credit Compalints forum over the next week, still working on it as we speak. Not just focused at YCC but all the sub prime and prime car lenders. Many of them need to be exposed!

We won't be targeting the bank charges area, i will leave that to you experts - having said that I will include a forum directed to yourselves for advice and support within this area.



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