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27-10-2008, 01:28 PM
Hi all, as part of our local council housing upgrade, we had a new combi boiler to replace our old back boiler, plus new radiators throughout the house. This was done on Friday last week. The guys doing the job left it alll working well around 2.30pm. By 6pm we noticed the house was getting cold and discovered that the gas supply was no longer reaching the boiler as the pilot light wasn't lit. We read the instructions, re-set the boiler but it still showed the same error message.
I rang the council who eventually sent someone round at 8pm. Once he realised that it had been fitted that day he stated that there was nothing they could do as it would void the warranty. he left us an electric heater and told us to ring back Sat morn. We tried ringing the contractors Sat morn, no answer. saw the council guy again who informed me that they did not have an out of hours number for the contractors (who are gascare wales ltd) and left us another heater.
We have spent the w/e with a cold house and no hot water. I dread to think how much extra electicity we have used for the heater (we only used one)Gascare were due to come back today to fit the timer and thermostat. My hubby rang them at 8am today to complain, meanwhile the guys who were here Fri knocked the door (as they are fitting another house in the street) and rang their boss to tell him of the situation. He has told us that Baxi themselves have to come look at the boiler. It's getting on for 2.30 and no sign of anyone!!! I have had to wait in all day and my kids are going stir crazy as it's half term.
I am really starting to get p****d off now, everyone is passing the buck and I don't know who to complain to. I don't want to spend another night in the cold, not being able to bath my kids (they hate the shower) or anymore days stuck in waiting to see if someone calls. It's getting to the point of ridiculous!!

Any ideas/suggestions on how I go about sorting this out would be appreciated:)

27-10-2008, 02:31 PM
You get bck on to the Coucil and tell them that as they hired the contractors and Baxi supplied the boiler, you have no hot water and that becomes a health issue. Give them notice that if the boiler is not fixed by 4pm tomorrow you are going to the media.

You could track down Baxi, or the Contractor should be able to give you this information.

Of course they will pass the buck but as the Council is doing this, it is they who are ultimately responsible.

On our boiler we can turn on the electricity to get hot water if there is no gas supply.

You couod be proactive and lodge a complaint with Baxi http://www.baxi.co.uk/contact.htm

27-10-2008, 05:54 PM
Thanks for replying DL, I felt like I was going round in circles earlier.

I have since spoken to someone at Baxi. The engineer is supposed to be contacting me by 10am tommorrow to arrange a time during the day to fix the boiler. The council have also told me that if I don't get that call they will send their guys round with a replacement boiler. Why they couldn't just do that in the first place is beyond me. Either way, I will be complaining in writing cos this is just not on. Will let you know the outcome :)

27-10-2008, 07:38 PM
I was up late last night SA looking into this exact thing, I'm Baxie back boiler in gas and have water by electric. On an upgrade i would be only gas for everything and I'm not liking this idea of one fuel and it being the one that the UK does not supply independantly.

My only other option is an in line water heater that costs £400 and releases 3 Lt's, hot water in 1 minute.

I think you have made my decision for me, I'm not going to bother :mad:

If it ain't broke don't fix it me is thinking now as my boiler has at least another 10 to 15 maybe even 20 years in it....i hope as long as i can store parts. :)

28-10-2008, 01:42 PM
Hi Hocus, I'd stick with what you have too if I had the choice:) I'm glad my situation has been of some help to someone else lol.

The Baxi engineer called at lunchtime today and my problem was solved....and it was such a simple thing I can't believe it!! All down to a kinked pipe which was caused when the fitters closed the front panel!!!!! I now have a warm cosy house!

A letter of complaint will be making it's way to the council. I would like them to pay me a bit of compo regarding the extra electricity I have used for the heaters over the past 4 days.

28-10-2008, 02:53 PM
Good news SA :), as this weather is turning quickly, wonder if we will have a white xmas.!

28-10-2008, 03:42 PM
Fair enough SA, something so simple and you are penalised yet again for carelessness on the part of the Contractors. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

03-11-2008, 09:51 AM
Too true DL:D
Due to having a very busy week I've only just got round to writing a letter. Would someone please look it over and see if there's any way it could be improved or worded better? Thanks in advance :)

Dear Sir/Madam,


I wish to register a complaint with the Council regarding the recent heating upgrade in my home.
On Friday 24th October 2008 your contractors, Gascare, fitted a new combi boiler and radiators to my home. They finished this at around 2.30pm. At around 6pm I noticed that the radiators were no longer working. After checking the boiler I realised that it was showing an error code, stating there was no gas reaching the boiler. It was re-set, following the instructions from the accompanying installation booklet but still it showed the error message.

I telephoned the council at around 6.30pm and an inspector, Mr XXXXX, came out at around 8pm. He informed me that because the boiler was new the council could not make any attempt to fix it as this would void the warranty. He did leave me an electric heater as by this time the house was getting quite cold. I was also advised to try to get in touch with Gascare the following morning. This proved impossible as there was no out of hours contact number for the company, and nothing on their website.

After I rang the council again, Mr XXXXX called to my home again on Saturday afternoon, repeating that there was nothing the council could do, as they themselves have no out of hours number for Gascare. This I find unacceptable! As a local authority surely you should have some form of contact for your contractors in cases of emergency.
Mr XXXXX left another electric heater with us, I was reluctant to use it due to the extra cost in electricity and the rising prices of fuel, but as I have two young children I had no option but to put them together in one bedroom to sleep, with the heater, to keep them warm.

On Monday 27th October, my husband rang Gascare at 8am and explained our situation. As Gascare employees were working in a nearby house one of their men visited us and after looking at the boiler, informed us that it was a matter for Baxi, the supplier.
We contacted Gascare and informed them of this, who assured us that an engineer would visit and rectify the problem. By 3pm no-one had visited so I rang Gascare again who contacted Baxi and eventually I had a call from a Baxi salesman who assured us an engineer would ring us first thing the following morning.

The Baxi engineer rang us Tuesday morning and arrived at lunchtime. After looking at the boiler he stated that the problem was simple, an air pipe had been kinked when the boiler cover had been closed by the fitters. This is a common problem apparently and simply rectified. I feel I must inform you of this problem, as it seems this could happen to a lot of other people and could be quite dangerous to the elderly and infirm in this current cold weather. I hope that you can inform your contractors for future reference.

In summary, due to the contractors inability to rectify our problem, of which you are responsible for, my family and I were subject to 4 days with very limited electric heating and no hot water (which, I might add, is a matter of health and safety). This situation caused us a lot of distress, discomfort and extra financial outlay. Not to mention the fact that we had to take our children to relative’s houses to bathe. Because of the reasons above, I seek recompense for the extra fuel this has cost us, aswell as all the telephone calls we had to make to get the situation rectified.

I hope to receive your response within 10 days of the date of this letter.

03-11-2008, 10:25 AM
The letter reads well. just the the last sentence 'aswell' should be 'as well.' I know it is a typo and I am not throwing stones as I do this often

I am a hunt and peck typist

03-11-2008, 11:13 AM
LOL yes it was a typo, I'm normally pretty good with my spelling and grammar but didn't spot that.
Thank you again for your help, you are invaluable :) will get that sent off today.

16-12-2008, 05:05 PM
Just to update this...after alot of to-ing and fro-ing between council and Gascare (the care bit I say lightly!!) blaming each other for lack of communication I have eventually received a cheque for compensation from Gascare today. Also Gascare lost their contract with our council, seems I wasn't the only one who had problems with them.
Result! :D

16-12-2008, 05:09 PM
I hope the compensation will keep ypou warm this winter. Nice to know that your complaint has been listened to.

16-12-2008, 08:58 PM
GGGGoooo E SA :D:D:D

17-12-2008, 11:11 AM
Thanks guys :D