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  1. Fighting Fund
  2. Press Releases
  3. Lenders in IVA 'rogue' loan abuse
  4. COBBETTS being sued
  5. Claimants from Hull.....
  6. NatWest Claimants - £25K
  7. PAyUSBACK Petition Reply from Downing Street
  8. Senior Judges Demand Test Case
  9. Banks incur the wrath of the Courts again!!
  10. The Court Saga Continues
  11. Multiple Claims
  12. Bbc Website
  13. The Nation awaits the Hull Court at 3:30pm
  14. Data Sharing and Punishment
  15. Found this article and thought I would share it with you
  16. nat west change tack
  17. ppi changes
  18. poor kensington
  19. apacs
  20. OFT up for a grilling
  21. problems for shAbbey
  22. Its not just us then!
  23. stupid woman!
  24. Perhaps best not to pick on a journalist....
  25. A credit check for passports
  26. Co-operative to cut 1,000 jobs in financial arm
  27. Compound Interest great result
  28. Reclaim Reclaim
  29. How scary is this!
  30. CHELTENHAM & GLOUCESTER poised to cut 1000 jobs
  31. naughty Cap 1
  32. HSBC Pay out of court for pre 6 years
  33. MONUMENT credit card sold by BARCLAYS JUNE 16TH 2007
  34. Barclays to defend - apparently!!
  35. A different kind of VERY big win!
  36. Banks agree to charges Test case
  37. Hemscott News Article "pennies & Pounds
  38. The Times Comments
  39. Manual on dealing with customers--Lloyds
  40. monument april 4th !! job losses better late than never
  41. Fsa Letter "the Effectiveness Of Credit Card Securisation"
  42. Tom Brennan
  43. Hfc & Union Recognition
  45. Motley Fool Article
  46. Barclays latest
  47. Cash For Honours Money Found at boot sale
  48. FSA - Banks can't use 6 year limit for delayed claims
  49. Bank payout figures revealed!
  50. Bankruptcy
  51. Insurance to go up
  52. Early redemption mortgage charge: Legally binding
  53. Has Sir Fred been living on a different planet?
  54. Barclays and their recycling!
  55. It's about to bite the big boys back
  56. Should Scottish bank charges claims be sisted pending the OFT's Test Case
  57. Claims not necessarily being stayed!
  58. Well Done Judge
  59. More on PPI
  60. About bloody time too!!
  61. On a wing and a prayer
  62. Judge stays a case - but stops Barclays imposing more charges
  63. Programme on BBC3 NOW!!!!!
  64. Mole gang!
  65. Prison Officers
  66. Online bank fraud up
  67. Banks 'hit customers with £742 in illegal fees'
  68. OFT have filed their POC
  69. "Alleged" The ft of £20,000 from Chester Bank (MBNA)
  70. Guidelines On Silent Calls
  72. Warning regarding scam telephone calls on bank charges
  73. Our First Press Release!!
  74. The OFT are releasing new complaint procedures for debt collection
  75. History of barclaycard (sorry I am 1 year late)
  76. Barclaycard "nuisance " phone calls
  77. OFT files details of case against unauthorised overdraft charges
  78. Consumer credit licence quarterly update
  79. **happy Birthday Corny**
  80. If this is true it's good news
  81. Lenders gear up for tougher credit checks
  82. FA blow £13million on consultants
  83. Lloyds TSB to reduce charges???
  84. Ist of the sub-prime lenders to go bust in the UK
  85. Naughty Paragon!
  86. Look At What I Found!! Oft Bailing Out
  87. ARROW GLOBAL " aload of old BULL ('s eye)
  88. Credit Today Awards 2007 bringing misery to all UK homes
  89. Banks juggle fees
  90. Banks struck secret deal with FOS
  91. Halifax hikes mortgage rates amid credit crunch
  92. Has HSBC developed a conscience?
  93. Poor Old Northern Rock! Headline News!!!
  94. Superb "Fool" Article...........
  95. OFT sell out
  96. Lloyds introduces overdraft fees equivalent to a quintillion APR
  97. Cab News release page
  98. LTSB latest charges leaflet (NOT GOOD AT ALL)
  99. And so the domino effect begins
  100. And so the domino effect begins
  101. Martin Lewis to meet with OFT later this week
  102. Please all read
  103. Hedge Funds (parrazites) & Insider Trading
  104. Oops
  105. Alliance and Leicester now restructuring their overdraft charges
  106. This is not looking good
  107. Eastbourne CC Stay lifted
  108. Egg
  109. Fos Plans To Axe Jobs!!!
  110. The UK doesn't have any problems with Sub-Prime lending does it?
  111. Littlewoods - Tony Hetherington letter
  112. FSA report on PPI
  113. Oh I'm So Shocked Lol
  114. Human Error? Do they really care?
  115. *URGENT - Comments for the Press here, please*
  116. Poor Old Northern Rock! oops Citybank! Headline News!!!
  117. A small step for some, but a huge stride for us!
  118. Lords to Decide Credit Card Case
  119. FSA launches new small firms TCF programme
  120. Fake £20 notes gang sent to jail
  121. Bank consortium
  122. LLoyds gained from NR fall out
  123. CABOT Puts debt firm on block - Sunday Times
  124. Judgement day looms for securisation in France !!!
  125. Blackstone’s Guide to the Consumer Credit Act
  126. a fairy tale ("grim" ) outlook for mbna securisation defaults
  127. More consumers to get better value from their pension savings
  128. Fool News: Card Fraudsters Still Beating The System
  129. World Bank 'Was Troubled' Says New Chief
  130. Hobs
  131. http://www.donaldduck.co.uk/index.php
  132. CCS Letter to Mail on Sunday re Angela Knight interview
  133. Trouble for LTSB.
  134. Bank Of America ( Mbna) Profits Down 32%
  135. "claiming MBNA executives lied about the company's health to inflate its stock"....
  136. Astron acquires Experian’s remittance processing business WHAT does this mean ?
  137. the TUC operates a credit card through the Bank of Scotland
  138. Barclays has a PPI Tax Bill
  139. Warning over Chip-&-Pin security
  140. Paragon/Universal Credit Shares Slump
  141. Lenders Hike Costs Beyond Base Rate
  142. Britain In Debt As Mortgages Paid By Credit Cards
  143. Barclays and RBS line up Fed for £15bn
  144. City braced for repeat of Black Monday
  145. No Winding Up For Hbos
  146. Sainsbury's in lightbulb giveaway
  147. More credit card use boosts Amex
  148. Beer Prices To Fall Through The Floor
  149. Millions Fib About Their Finances
  150. Personal debt could sink ss Great Britain
  151. Hold on, we're at the bumpiest part
  152. 'Personal pricing' adds to confusion over rates for 'offline' borrowers
  153. Rules waived so Rock savers can reinvest all their ISA cash
  154. Mortgage firm fined over equity-release loans
  155. Bank Of America Makes "lefty Happy" Jobs To Go
  156. Radio Five Live Interview with Richard Thomas/ICO
  157. ITV 8pm PPI
  158. Loans.co.uk finds source of data leak
  159. The great phone swindle
  160. Beware! Postal Scam
  161. An easy 60k!
  162. Its all Rubbish - The Poll Tax by *****th?
  163. Give the FOS your feedback
  164. Looks Like the DCA's are going to fight us
  165. The consumer revolt is gathering pace
  166. HSBC sells Marbles as FC predicted
  167. Barclays Down 7% Today 5% Yesterday Funding Worries
  168. Great Advice - NOT!!!!
  169. More personal details go missing
  170. Citi Bank..pass the tissues
  171. Mervyn King warned the banks in June 2007
  172. Secrecy Shake Up: Lord Hunt - Mail On Sunday
  173. FACTS about the FOS you might not know ?
  174. Shoppers from UK to USA ( smuggling)
  175. 'Sharp rise' in credit card fees
  176. bank of america has 13 billion of foreign credit card debt
  177. UK bank shares tumble
  178. THE DEATH OF THE USA? .. Todays the day? R.I.P.
  179. Lessons for banking staff in the CCA
  180. Banks flout rules on hardship/THis is Money
  181. CAPITAL ONE shares fall 15.5 % in a single day!!
  182. Just What Do These Banks Think Assignment Is
  183. Mr Tescos - sorry but you are WRONG!
  184. Consumer Forums - The Medicine is Working
  185. Rating system set to cut debt
  186. Lloyds Tsb & Fos
  187. Consumer Protection Reform???
  188. "bank of Amnesia" (MBNA) SIV (securisation)
  189. Foreign Office are in breach of the Data Protection Act
  190. Barclays, a little bit of trouble
  191. EXPERIAN Shares drop almost 20% "default" ??
  192. Judges in the "former colonies" learning at last !!
  193. OFT defence and counterclaim
  194. Bank charges head for the High Court
  195. a speciman purchase agreement for debt from the USA
  196. credit card issuers lowering credit limits !!
  197. Will they never learn!
  198. Slap on the wrist for LTSB
  199. Corporations are now suing banks
  200. Anybody got problems with a sainsburys credit card
  201. Are DCA's predicting a pinch in their growth
  202. One million homeowners face a 60% jump in mortgage rates
  203. Inland Revenue chairman resigns
  204. FSA publish waiver review
  205. Who can you sue if lost data is misused?
  206. The firm plans to make HSBC ``embarrassed about what is happening.''
  207. HSBC Will Take on $45 Billion of Assets From Two SIVs {SECURISATION COMES HOME}
  208. Mortgage Arrears
  209. Barclays upbeat on customer debt
  210. Branstons Pickle over Northern Rock Offer
  211. Tiffany v's Ebay Counterfeit case
  212. Life line for Citigroup ( Again)
  213. Credit Card Application Mailshots are simply not being sent out ?
  214. Tom Brennan appeal judgement
  215. Intrum Justicia have been on watchdog
  216. Natwest 3 ( 36 months in prison)
  217. Uncertain short term outlook on UK economy
  218. ‘Snooty’ bankers blamed for crisis
  219. More Personal Data Breached
  220. The OFT Consumer news
  221. Banks have licence to bill
  222. Find out who calls me 0870 0871 0800 numbers etc
  223. "DCAs face £50,000 fines over dialler use - 03/12/2007 "
  224. SCAMS scams and more scams...
  225. bloomberg says 96% of US mortgages are securitised
  226. More bad news for banks.
  227. Employee Fraud - The Enemy Within
  228. How top London law firms help vulture funds devour their prey
  229. Supermarket Price Fixing
  230. houghton on the hill ---Whole Village Victim Of Credit Card Scam
  231. More Lost Data
  232. Police launch hunt for bogus bobbies MOTHERBOARD *****
  233. HSBC branch 'for the richest only' IN POOLE dorset
  234. Owner carps about weak credit market as Goldfish sinks $422m
  235. uncomplementary comments about GM and hsbc
  236. 40 Million Creditcard Accounts Exposed To Fraud In A Single Hit
  237. Bank details 'sold on internet'
  238. taking recycling a step too far
  239. Dispatches Channel 4
  240. Petrol Warning
  241. alternative link to DTI white paper on consumer credit market
  242. Just What Is The Abbey Mbna Situation ???
  243. Something Everybody should read
  244. Something everyone should read Part 2
  245. There but for the grace of God...
  246. 'You’ve been scrooged'
  247. BBC say banks prey on customers in debt
  248. Norwich Union fined 1.26m
  249. More data lost
  250. HM Revenue and Customs cocain missing