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  1. The OFT Test Case - Business as usual? Directions...
  2. Request for Removal of Stay
  3. What we need to do regarding the test case?
  4. Stay requested for claim, other than bank account.
  5. STAYED CLAIMS AN IDEA - Please post County Court addresses
  6. Posted on MoneySavingExpert
  7. Important News
  8. Happiestdaughter hearing today...surprise, stayed!!
  9. re : oft
  10. OFT files details of case against unauthorised overdraft charges
  11. OFT - Particulars of Claim
  12. waiver review
  13. OFT should go to court over bank charges, says expert
  14. Hearings to lift stays
  15. News On The Oft Test Case
  16. OFT amended POC
  17. Interesting News!
  18. Stay Precedent
  19. oft reply to the banks defence
  20. The Fsa Waiver Review
  21. HSBC admit the are charging penalties for Breach of Contract
  22. Oft Test Case Change On Venue
  23. Banks hope ‘dream team’ of top QCs will secure victory
  24. Working Lunch today 12.30pm Stephen Hone is appering on it
  25. Test case delayed.
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  27. BBC's report on yesterdays proceedings
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  34. EXC's Test Case Day 8 Diary
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  38. BBC's report on OFT case 31/1/2008
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  41. No end to stays in sight yet
  42. EXC's Test Case Day 13 diary
  43. Final Day Of Oft Test Case
  44. ECX's Test Case Day 14 Diary - FINAL DAY.
  45. FSA amended waiver guidelines including new hardship criteria
  46. Here we go
  47. Court of Appeal told, Mr Justice Smith reasoning is schizophrenic
  48. Proposed Group Litigation Order
  49. Test Case Reminder - Appeal Judgment handed down Thurs 26th Feb 2009
  50. Test Case Appeal Judgment
  51. House of Lords Appeal
  52. Legal Opinion in full on post Supreme Court reclaiming